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Maximize your BayerValue Savings! From seeding to harvest, using the entire line of Bayer products really pays.

InVigor Purchase Bonus (IPB)

Qualify for savings when purchasing 30 bags or more of InVigor.

InVigor Innovation Bonus

Purchase a minimum of 30 bags of InVigor Pod Shatter Reduction Hybrids and save on innovative cereal herbicides.

Cereal and Pulse Segment Savings

Save more purchasing at least 300 acres in each cereal and pulse segment.

Incredible Bayer Offer

Pre-book a minimum of 1,000 acres of participating Bayer Cereal Herbicides (mix and Match), by March 17th, 2017 and receive up to $2 off per acre.

Volume Savings

Additional 1% savings for growers spending $250,000 or more.*

InVigor Hybrid Canola Seed

InVigor Purchase Bonus

Purchase a minimum of 30 bags of InVigor® canola seed to qualify for the InVigor Purchase Bonus, which will provide you with savings on qualifying products. New for 2017, the InVigor Innovation Bonus, purchase a minimum of 30 bags of Pod Shatter Reduction hybrids (InVigor L140P and InVigor L233P) and save on innovative cereal herbicides.

Qualifying Products Units per Acre Units Acres Purchase Estimate
InVigor L233P 1 Bag / 10 Acres $ ---

Bayer is pleased to announce a NEW Evolution hybrid with the patented pod shatter reduction trait, InVigor L233P. In addition to being an excellent yield performer at 108.8% of the checks, this early-maturing hybrid provides greater harvest flexibility for growers who want help managing their day-to-day workload during the busy harvest season.

» Learn more about InVigor L233P

InVigor L230 1 Bag / 10 Acres $ ---

NEW high-yielding InVigor L230 is ideal for growers who prefer an early maturing hybrid or need help to manage their time during the busy harvest season. This early-maturing evolution hybrid performs well in all growing zones of Western Canada.

» Learn more about InVigor L230

InVigor L252 1 Bag / 10 Acres $ ---

InVigor L252 is a mid-season hybrid that offers you high yield performance, enhanced standability and superior blackleg resistance. It was the highest-yielding hybrid in the 2013 DSTs with top lodging and swathability ratings, and was one of the two top performers at the 2013 Canola Performance Trials (CPTs) (based on the 20 CPT audited and approved small plot trial comparisons).

» Learn more about InVigor L252

InVigor L261 1 Bag / 10 Acres $ ---

Mid-maturing InVigor L261 delivers superior standability, blackleg resistance, and lodging resistance. It was one of the top two hybrids in the 2013 Canola Performance Trials (based on the 20 CPT audited and approved small plot trial comparisons) and was one of the highest-yielding mid-season hybrids in the 2011-2012 WCC/RRC trials.

» Learn more about InVigor L261

InVigor L140P 1 Bag / 10 Acres $ ---

The patented pod shatter reduction technology of InVigor L140P offers growers excellent yield protection with greater harvest flexibility.

» Learn more about InVigor L140P

InVigor L241C 1 Bag / 10 Acres $ ---

InVigor L241C is the newest clubroot-resistant* hybrid with outstanding yield potential, strong standabilty and a mid maturity suited for all clubroot-affected regions of Western Canada. InVigor L241C showed a 2% yield advantage over InVigor L135C in Bayer breeding trials.

*To predominant clubroot pathotypes identified at the time of registration.

InVigor L135C 1 Bag / 10 Acres $ ---

An excellent combination of early maturity and high yield potential, InVigor L135C delivers performance, security and peace of mind for growers with clubroot concerns.

» Learn more about InVigor L135C

InVigor Health L157H 1 Bag / 10 Acres $ ---

InVigor L157H is the newest evolution hybrid in the InVigor Health hybrid offering. It matures a day earlier than InVigor L156H and offers growers higher yield potential and yields 2% higher than InVigor L156H plus the security of a contract premium.

InVigor Health L156H 1 Bag / 10 Acres $ ---

InVigor L156H continues to perform well in the field and offers growers the security of a specialty canola contract premium with greater returns.

» Learn more about InVigor Health L156H

InVigor 5440 1 Bag / 10 Acres $ ---

InVigor 5440 is a true standard in more ways than one. Not only has it become one of the checks by which all other canola is measured, but it has also been a model of consistency, performance and excellent standability for years.

» Learn more about InVigor 5440

InVigor L130 1 Bag / 10 Acres $ ---

Early maturing and high yielding with great standability, InVigor L130 has quickly become a fan favourite of canola growers across the Prairies for consistency and performance.

» Learn more about InVigor L130

InVigor L120 1 Bag / 10 Acres $ ---

InVigor L120 is an early maturing hybrid with strong yield potential.

» Learn more about InVigor L120

InVigor L150 1 Bag / 10 Acres $ ---

InVigor L150 was the first hybrid to ever repeat as the top yielder in the WCC/RRC co-op trials (2009 & 2010).

» Learn more about InVigor L150

InVigor L159 1 Bag / 10 Acres $ ---

InVigor L159 is a mid-season hybrid suitable for all growing zones with excellent yield potential, available exclusively from Crop Production Services™.

» Learn more about InVigor L159

Seeding rate based on 10 acres per 22.7 kg bag.

Add at least 30 bags of InVigor to qualify for the InVigor Purchase Bonus.

InVigor Hybrid Canola Seed Estimates

Gross Purchase
$ ---
$ ---
Net Purchase
$ ---

Seed Treatment

Segment One - Bayer SeedGrowth

Start your cereal and pulse crops off with for success with the outstanding seed treatment products from Bayer, Save up to 25% on Raxil® Seed Treatment products and 15% on Trilex® EverGol® and EverGol Energy Seed Treatment products.

Qualifying Products Units per Acre Units Acres Purchase Estimate
Raxil Pro Shield 1 Jug / 65 Acres $ ---

Raxil® PRO Shield seed treatment provides exceptional protection from the most serious seed- and soil-borne diseases, including true loose smut, Fusarium graminearum and much more. With the addition of prothioconazole, Raxil PRO Shield has outstanding contact and systemic activity, not to mention the added protection of Stress Shield to protect against the threat of wireworms and further increase plant health.

» Learn more about Raxil Pro Shield

Raxil MD 1 Jug / 80 Acres $ ---

The secret to Raxil MD is micro-dispersion technology. The particle size used in suspension is much finer than most formulations. Along with easy-to-apply formulation, the combination of the systemic fungicides tebuconazole and metalaxyl in Raxil delivers powerful, effective control of the most serious seed, seedling and soil-borne diseases.

» Learn more about Raxil MD

Raxil Pro 1 Jug / 65 Acres $ ---

With the addition of prothioconazole, Raxil PRO seed treatment provides both contact and systemic activity for complete seed protection. Unlike other seed treatments, Raxil PRO has one simple rate for first-class control of the most serious seed- and soil-borne diseases in cereals, no matter what kind of disease pressure you encounter.

» Learn more about Raxil Pro

Raxil WW 1 Jug / 80 Acres $ ---

Raxil WW is a co-pack of Raxil MD and Stress Shield, an insecticide designed to put the smack down on the dreaded wireworms. Raxil WW can help growers defend against the yield losses caused by not only wireworms but seed and soil-borne disease in wheat barley and oats.

» Learn more about Raxil WW

Evergol Energy 1 Jug / 1696 Acres $ ---

EverGol Energy is a new fungicide seed treatment containing three active ingredients and modes of action, including a new class and Group – penflufen, a Group 7 fungicide. EverGol Energy provides seed and seedling protection against a wide range of diseases caused by rhizoctonia, fusarium, pythium, botrytis and phomopsis.

Trilex EverGol 1 Jug / 110 Acres $ ---

Trilex EverGol for pulses provides a better start to the season with exceptional protection from diseases like rhizoctonia and ascochyta. Additionally, it promotes overall plant health, resulting in a higher performing root system, increased biomass, faster emergence and superior yield.

» Learn more about Trilex EverGol

Stress Shield 1 Jug / 1323 Acres $ ---

New Stress Shield® 600 seed treatment insecticide provides systemic and contact activity to protect spring wheat, winter wheat, barley, oats, edible beans, peas and soybeans. Stress Shield facilitates plant growth and development, even during stressed conditions, by providing an alternative energy source for any required plant repairs. The result is superior root development, improved vigour, larger plants and increased yield.

» Learn more about Stress Shield

Add at least 300 acres of seed treatment to qualify for savings in segment.

Seed Treatment Estimates

Gross Purchase
$ ---
$ ---
Net Purchase
$ ---


Segment Two - Cereal Herbicides

Save up to 20% on Bayer cereal herbicides by purchasing additional products from segment 1 and 3 and a minimum of 30 bags of InVigor. Also, you can save an additional $2/acre on the Incredible Bayer Offer when you mix and match cereal herbicides.

Qualifying Products Units per Acre Units Acres Purchase Estimate
Velocity M3 1 Jug / 20 Acres $ ---

Velocity m3 herbicide unleashes the power of three innovative active ingredients (pyrasulfotole, thiencarbazone-methyland bromoxynil), delivering exceptional control of tough grass and broadleaf weeds.

» Learn more about Velocity M3

Tundra 1 Jug / 10 Acres $ ---

Protect your crop from weed invaders. Confidently clean your barley and wheat fields with the powerful, all-in-one, grassy and broadleaf control of Tunrda® herbicide.

» Learn more about Tundra

Luxxur 1 Jug / 40 Acres $ ---

NEW for 2017, Luxxur™ is an innovative new herbicide that offers control of your toughest grass and broadleaf perennials.

» Learn more about Luxxur

Varro 1 Jug / 40 Acres $ ---

Varro® herbicide provides you with the ability to effectively battle Group 1-resistant wild oats in your wheat crop, without restricting your flexibility to rotate back to pulse crops.

» Learn more about Varro

Puma Advance 1 Jug / 20 Acres $ ---

Puma® Advance herbicide not only offers outstanding wild oat control, but the active ingredient, fenoxaprop, also delivers firstclass control of barnyard grass, as well as green and yellow foxtail. The advanced formulation offers superior crop safety and an affordable solution that delivers an excellent return on investment. It’s also available in bulk packaging for added convenience.

» Learn more about Puma Advance

Infinity FX 1 Case / 40 Acres $ ---

Infinity FX is a new cereal herbicide that combines the power of three herbicide Groups, providing the widest spectrum of broadleaf control on the market and an outstanding resistance management tool. Infinity FX provides you with fast-acting control of your toughest broadleaf weeds like cleavers, kochia, buckwheat and now, volunteer flax.

» Learn more about Infinity FX

Infinity 1 Jug / 20 Acres $ ---

Resistant or not, powerful Infinity® herbicide provides you with the ability to take out the toughest broadleaf weeds in your cereals. With its unique Group 27 chemistry, Infinity helps ensure the profitability of your farm today and for years to come. Managing herbicide resistance is everyone’s fight.

» Learn more about Infinity

Buctril M 1 Jug / 20 Acres $ ---

With no confirmed resistance in Canada, Buctri®l M herbicide continues to stand the test of time. Utilizing the powerful Group 6 active ingredient, bromoxynil, Buctril M has provided cereal growers with superior control of over 28 different broadleaf weeds and sound resistance management for over half a century.

» Learn more about Buctril M

Thumper 1 Jug / 20 Acres $ ---

Thumper® herbicide provides reliable and outstanding control of over 26 broadleaf weeds, including wild buckwheat and kochia.

» Learn more about Thumper

You may qualify for the Incredible Bayer Offer. Deadline March 17, 2017. See your retailer for more information
Add at least 300 acres of cereal herbicide to qualify for savings in segment. Book at least 1000 acres of cereal herbicides to qualify for Incredible Bayer Offer by March 17, 2017 - Ask your retailer for complete details.

Herbicides Estimates

Gross Purchase
$ ---
$ ---
Net Purchase
$ ---


Segment Three - Cereal/Pulse Fungicides

Save up to 15% on these Cereal and Pulse Fungicides by purchasing additional products from segments 1 and 2.

Qualifying Products Units per Acre Units Acres Purchase Estimate
Delaro 1 Jug / 20 Acres $ ---

With two different modes of action, Delaro fungicide offers long-lasting, broad-spectrum control of the toughest pulse and soybean diseases, resulting in higher yields.

» Learn more about Delaro

Folicur EW 1 Jug / 40 Acres $ ---

With a wide window of application, Folicur EW fungicide provides outstanding protection from disease and yield losses in your cereal crops, helping to ensure your investment maintains its value. Folicur EW delivers proven disease protection on your wheat, barley, oat and soybean crops.

» Learn more about Folicur EW

Propulse 1 Jug / 20 Acres $ ---

Propulse is a revolutionary fungicide for dry beans, providing exceptional disease control with first-class protection against the most serious dry bean diseases like white mould and anthracnose.

» Learn more about Propulse

Prosaro 1 Jug / 20 Acres $ ---

Prosaro is a protective and curative fungicide designed for cereals that delivers a premium level of control against leaf and head diseases, providing higher yields and improved quality.

» Learn more about Prosaro

Add at least 300 acres of fungicides to qualify for savings in segment.

Fungicides Estimates

Gross Purchase
$ ---
$ ---
Net Purchase
$ ---

Canola Products

Canola Products

Growers are able to save up to 10% on Pardner and Proline by purchasing a minimum of 300 acres of either or both of these products plus a minimum of 30 bags of InVigor.

Qualifying Products Units per Acre Units Acres Purchase Estimate
Proline 1 Jug / 40 Acres $ ---

Proactively protect your profits with Proline® fungicide: an easy-to-use fungicide that's the number one choice of canola growers for effective sclerotinia protection. Simply apply a timely application between 20 to 50% canola bloom and you’ve effectively reduced scelrotinia infection rates.

Pardner 1 Jug / 20 Acres $ ---

Pardner® herbicide is an essential tool for controlling all volunteer canola prior to seeding canola. Tank mixing Pardner with your pre-seeding application of glyphosate herbicide also provides control of over 28 other broadleaf weeds, even if they have resistance to other herbicide groups, like Group 9- and 2-resistant kochia.

» Learn more about Pardner

Add at least 300 acres of Proline and/or Pardner along with a minimum of 30 bags of InVigor to qualify for savings on these products.

Canola Products Estimates

Gross Purchase
$ ---
$ ---
Net Purchase
$ ---

Volume Savings

Volume Savings

Purchases of $250,000 or more qualifies you for additional Volume Savings of 1% on all products that are eligible for a rebate in the BayerValue program. The products shown below are included toward your total purchase.

Qualifying Products Units per Acre Units Acres Purchase Estimate
Centurion 1 Jug / 40 Acres $ ---

Centurion® herbicide protects against grass weeds in broadleaf crops in one post emergent pass.

» Learn more about Centurion

Concept 1 Jug / 20 Acres $ ---

Nothing protects your soybean crop from aphids, bean leaf beetles and other insect pressure like Concept® insecticide. Formulated with new OTEQ® technology, Concept has two powerful modes of action, delivering a quick knock-down and long lasting residual control. It’s all the help you need to take care of your problem insects.

» Learn more about Concept

Liberty 150 1 Jug / 10 Acres $ ---

As the risk of herbicide resistance becomes a greater threat to your canola crop, you need a product that will help mitigate that risk, while remaining a powerful weed control option. You get both with Liberty herbicide. As the only Group 10 herbicide for canola growers, it is an excellent tool for rotating chemistries to help you manage resistance.

» Learn more about Liberty 150

Sencor 1 Jug / 23 Acres $ ---

Help to manage or avoid Group 2-resistant broadleaf weeds. Sencor herbicide is a proven performer you can count on for wide-spectrum broadleaf weed control.

» Learn more about Sencor

Qualifying products are all products listed above plus Centurion, Concept, InVigor, Liberty, Sencor purchases, which add to volume savings. *The 1% rebate applies only to products that have already qualified for a rebate based on segments. For terms and conditions, please visit or call 1 888-283-6847.

Volume Savings Estimates

Gross Purchase
$ ---
$ ---
Net Purchase
$ ---

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